Monday, July 19, 2010


Preschool Paddlers

Mommy signed me up for swim lessons again w/ Mr. Steve. We already did one session and this week starts session 2. I was super excited to be back in the pool again splashing and playing w/ the other kids.... that is until we went to Grammy and Pop-pop's camper in PA and went to the pool at the campground. Mommy thought it would be neat to show daddy all the cool things i had learned at swim lessons so she dragged me out into the middle of the pool... i was a little reluctant.... why you ask??? Because the water was soooo cold!!!!!!! I got very upset and didn't want to be out there so i didn't show daddy what i could do. Mommy finally gave it and let me go back to the shallow end where it was warmer to play. But when i went back to my swim lessons w/ Mr. Steve i did not want to participate in what he was doing. So the last couple of days of swim lessons were a little difficult as i did not want to do anything. But here are pics from the first session before I got upset and didn't want to do anything.