Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Chef Troy

Hey Daddy!

I had such a fun day today. Guess what i got to do....... i got to cook w/ mommy! It was so much fun. First we started cooking dinner. Mommy said she was making this thing called Taco Soup. Mommy mixed a few ingredients together and she let me dump the cans of beans in this big pot. Then i got to dump the corn and tomatoes. She even let me stir it all together. She put the lid on the soup and said that it needed to cook for 5 hours. Then mommy said it was time to make dessert. She said that we were going to make Banana Cake. First we started measuring all the ingredients like the flour and sugar. Then we had to crack eggs. Mommy got a small bowl out and let me crack the egg on the counter and then she helped me drop it into the bowl. Then we had to mash up some bananas. She let me break apart the bananas into another bowl and let me use the masher to smash them all up. Mommy helped me of course. :) Then we had to mix it all together. Mommy has this loud thing she called a mixer and she let me hold it. She says that it helps stir things up fast. Once that was done, we dumped it into a pan and baked it. Mommy then fixed me lunch and said that i had to take a nite-nite. I wasn't too happy about that, but she said as soon as i got up that i could help put frosting on the cake. So i was ok w/ that. I slept for a long time today. Mommy was very happy that i took a nap. First thing we did when i got up was put frosting on the cake. First we had to smash up some pecans. Mommy had a baggie filled w/ them and showed me how to use this rolling pin to smash them all up. While i did that, mommy spread the creamy frosting on top of the cake. As soon as i smashed up all the pecans she let me sprinkle them on the frosting. Then it was clean up time. I helped mommy clean up all the dirty dishes that we made. She filled up a bowl w/ water and let me wash the measuring cups. Mommy said that we would eat the cake after we ate our dinner. Mommy fixed me Chi-chi nuggets for dinner because she said the Taco Soup was too spicy for me. I ate all my nuggets daddy!! Then it was dessert time. Mommy put a piece of cake on a plate for me and i tried it. Even though mommy and me had a good time making the cake and spent all that time making it pretty.... i really didn't like it. Mommy wasn't mad though. She knows how fussy i am w/ my food. Daddy, I had such a fun day w/ mommy today. I wonder what we will do tomorrow??

Well... its almost my bath time so i better go. I hope you have sweet dreams, sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite. I miss you daddy! I love you!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Chain Gang...

Hey Daddy!!

I wanted to tell you all about my day today. Mommy came up w/ a really cool idea for a countdown till you come home. Mommy bought special stickers and paper and she cut out little strips and let me and C-C decorate them. Then she glued them all together and put it on the wall so I can reach. She said that each night before I go to bed that I can rip a link off. And everytime I rip a link off means that we are getting closer to when you come home. I had so much fun making it. She wanted to take a picture of me and C-C w/ the chain around us but I didn't feel like it. I also painted a picture today. Mommy bought more paint at the store w/ more colors. That mommy has gotten pretty crafty lately. I think it has something to do w/ it being Fall. She says that she likes this time of year. She also bought this special chocolate and let me and C-C make Chocolate Lollipops. Mommy tried to make the chocolate a different color but used the wrong kind of food coloring and it didn't work out but they still tasted yummy!! She bought more chocolate and different kind of food coloring this time and says that we will try it again.

I have been such a good boy for mommy daddy! I am growing up so fast. I go pee-pee & poops on the potty and I wear big boy underwares at the house. Mommy still puts a pull up on me when we go places because sometimes I get so distracted w/ what we are doing that I forget to tell mommy when I have to go pee-pee. One day I will get it though.

I can't wait till you get home! Mommy says I have to go nite-nite now. So I hope you have sweet dreams, sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite! Love you!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Raisin Fingers

Hey daddy!! I am so glad that I got to talk to you the other day! I know sometimes I don't say much on the phone but I am listening. Sometimes I have so much to tell you that I just don't know where to start.

I was a really good boy going pee-pee on the potty today!! Mommy gave me lots of hugs and kisses for going. I put up some stickers on my potty chart too. I even went poop on the potty! Mommy gets really excited when I do that. I also discovered something really cool tonight after I took my bath. Mommy was getting me all ready for bed and had put my jammies on when I noticed something was different w/ my fingers. I held them up and kept turning them over. I wasn't sure if my fingers were ok or not but mommy assured me that they were just fine. See.... she told me that sometimes if I play too long during bath time that my fingers and toes get rinkly like raisins. I think that is the coolest thing. Mommy thought it was funny every time I said the word rinkly... sometimes I don't know about that mommy... she can be very silly.

Its time for me to go to bed now. So I need to get all my choo-choos and go nite-nite. I have a doctor appointment tomorrow to go to. The doctor has to make sure that my mouth is healing from when I fell and cut it. It feels fine to me but mommy says we have to go. I just hope they dont' have to give me any shots. Well daddy, good night, sleep tight & dont' let the bed bugs bite. I love you and miss you! Nite-nite!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Birthday Party...

Hey Daddy! I know its been a while since I have been on here but mommy and me have been so busy. We watched Tina's girls for her for a week. We drove to PA for Pop-pop, Aunt Linda and Cousin Sam's birthdays. There were alot of birthday cakes at the party. I had a good time. Then we came home for a couple of weeks. We went up to C-C's school to meet her teachers. It was a big school. I was telling mommy about all the cool things I saw like books & colors & numbers. Everyone thinks I am funny and cute when I do that.

Then we drove to Grammy & Pop-pops again for Great Grandmom's birthday. We went up to the camper to have her party. It was fun. I played w/ Austin, Kayla & C-C. There was a hayride that we went on w/ Aunt Subby, Uncle Danny, Kayla, Austin, C-C, Mommy & even Aunt Barb went w/ us. It was so cool. After the hayride we had cake. I shoved a whole piece in my mouth and made everyone laugh. Then the next day was mommy's birthday. I colored her a picture for her present and sang happy birthday to her. She didn't have cake like Great Grandmom did. Instead she had Blueberry Pie. I didn't like it so i didn't eat any. Then it was time to come home. Mommy said that C-C had to start school and we had alot to do to get her ready.

I saw you on the puter too!!!! Mommy was checkn her emails and all of a sudden i heard a voice that was very familiar to me..... YOURS!! I dropped my toys and ran over to mommy and sure enough... there you were on the screen. You were telling mommy something but i didn't understand it. I know it was something nice because mommy had a big smile on her face and she started to cry a little. But i think they were happy tears. But i was so excited to see you daddy!! I miss you! I can't wait for you to come home so we can play choo-choos & go swimming & you can read me books. I have to go now daddy. I love you!!