Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Crafty Challenged

Home project # 1 complete! Like that didn't take forever! I finally got around to purchasing letters for Chase's name for his room... that took almost a year to do. Not sure why, but it just wasn't a priority.... guess its the 3rd child syndrome. At any rate, I packed the boys up after purchasing the letters and reluctantly made my way to Michaels. This store makes me feel crafty challenged. I see all these other ladies who have their basket full of flowers or paints or other items that then intend on making into some fabulous piece of art... and I think to myself... why can't I be like that. Just see something on the shelf and know how to whip into something creative. God did not bless this momma w/ a crafty brain. But I try. So made my way into the paint section looking for stencils, totally not the reason I went there in the first place and found a nice nautical themed stencil set as well as a train stencil. So i tossed it in the cart. Then, i realized i don't have brushes or sponges to do the stencils. Quickly found those - Martha Stewart brand might I add, thinking that by channeling my inner Martha will some how help my lack of craftiness. Wishful thinking. So I get to the paint section - Martha Stewart brand again.... and there are a million choices (totally exagerating because thats what it seemed like to me) and in a million finishes. There were Matte, semi-gloss, super gloss... if only there was a choice for someone who was crafty challenged. Oh well... so i tossed in the basics - Red, White, Light Blue, Dark Blue and what looked to be a cross between a Gray and Tan color. After about 2 hours in Michaels and other various Halloween items that made their way into my cart (i have no idea how that happened - I swear (wink wink)) LOL!! I made my way to the register and paid for my purchase. Got home and sat at the table looking at the letters for Chase's name and had no idea where to begin other than to slap some paint on the letters. After about 3 days of painting and mixing colors this is the end result:

I must say that I am kind of proud of myself. I think the colors turned out perfect even though at the time it seemed like such a screw up. And i think they look fabulous on Chase's wall. :)

Now on to the next project.... Troy's letters and his Train room that I have promised him. Haven't told him that I am beside myself because I have no idea what I am doing! LOL!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Double Digits

We are over the half way mark of this deployment w/ Chad and finally in the double digits. We couldn't be happier!! This deployment has been different in so many ways. Troy is older and is missing daddy more this time. The things I often hear from him are:

"I wish daddy was here."
"Where is daddy at now?"
"Daddy will fix that for you mommy."
"Daddy would like this."
"Mommy, I miss daddy."
"Mommy, when does daddy come home again"

It makes my heart break to hear these things, but I remind him that this is daddy's job and that he has to help people all around the world. But somehow little 4 year olds just don't understand that.

When Chad left Chase was just sitting up and had just started solid foods. He now is crawling, standing, walking w/ assistance, eating some table food and you can often hear him saying:

"uh oh"

Every day is a reminder of just how fast time flies and how quickly our children grow up. We all miss Chad and homecoming can't come soon enough!!