Monday, April 29, 2013

Our Garden

Now that we are renting a home and not living in housing we decided to start up a garden again. It was kind of hard to do that in housing since our backyard was the size of jail cell. We had a nice garden when we bought our home in Florida when chad was on recruiting duty and we missed having one. Ill never forget that we had sunflowers in it that were taller than chad, all 6'2 of him!

Chad measured out how big we should have one and we both decided on what to put in it. I wish I had in progress pics of us ripping out the grass and him tilling it but I didn't.  Unfortunately I have had a time with tomatoes. I bought 3 plants a little too early and all 3 ended up dying. I bought 1 just in case we end up having some more cold spells and so far (knock on wood) it's surviving.

We have put in broccoli, head lettuce, green and red peppers, and the tomatoes. In containers we have jalapeƱos, carrots, and spinach. We also built a strawberry pyramid, thanks to the wonderful website Pinterest!  And we couldn't go without 2 blueberry bushes which were covered in blooms and now tons of little blueberries.

Now we just need to somehow keep the birds out of our hard work so we can enjoy the fruits of our labor!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Hair cuts and Lolipops

Chase or Squishy as we like to refer to him, is the baby of the family. We've attempted to get his hair cut several times. Finally on our 3rd trip we were able to get a pretty decent hair cut but it was still long as he wouldn't sit still long enough to get it short. So I left it go. I would trim his bangs when they would get in his eyes and have even contemplated putting his hair in a ponytail when we are outside and its hot. (Chad would kill me if he saw this). We occasionally would get the "oh she is so cute" or "how old is she" type of comments. Even if he was dressed in camo shorts and blue shirts.  It didn't bother me. I just brushed it off. This past weekend, Chad and I were at IHOP with the boys and the waitress was taking the drink order when she asked if "she" had anything to drink. That was it..... as far as daddy was concerned. The next day he took him off to the salon to get it cut into a cute big boy hair cut. And boy did they whack it off. It completely changed how he looks. Its not bad per say but just different. The funny thing is, because Chad took him, he of course was a perfect angel while in the chair. No fits, no crying, no whining. He was handed the iphone and away with the scissors the girl went. Afterwards of course he was rewarded with a lollipop as are all good (or bad) children are when they get their hair whacked off. No longer do I have a long haired surfer boy..... I now have a grown up little man. :)



                                                                           Side by Side

                                                                             The boys


So the teenager has turned 16. I still can't believe it! Boy has time flown. I still remember being pregnant with her and her delivery. It was my longest and toughest of the 3.... almost 3 days of contractions, walking, pacing, swaying and 2 hospital visits before they would admit me. And then finally 2 hours of pushing when the doctor threatened me with a C-section and with in 15 mins she was born. All 5 lbs, 8 oz of her!!  

This teenager and I have been through a lot together. A seperation, divorce, moving (several times), meeting her future stepdad, a wedding, and 2 baby brothers to name a few. Being that I was a "teen mom", I was 18 when I had her, I feel like we are more like sisters than mom and daughter which I am sure Super Nanny would have a fit over. But just in the last year or two I think I have turned more into the mom role as I often hear "OH MOM.... thats embarrassing".  LOL!

In just 2 years she will be 18 and close to graduation and off to college. I know these next 2-3 years are going to fly by like the blink of an eye. So I am trying to take it all in and cherish these times we have with her. She truly has blossomed into a beautiful young lady. I love this teenager!

                                                           Cupcakes made by ME

                                                   This is what 16 looks like

                                                          The gang at Mac Daddy's

                                                                   Crazy teenagers

                                                                       Troy bowling

                                                                   Between the legs

                                                                       Perfect form

                                                                          Having fun

                                                            The teenager and the boy


Troy turned 6 back on March 25 and we decided to do a Super Mario themed party. Thank God for Pinterest because that is where I got a lot of my ideas. I did learn a few things with planning for this party, one of which is to never rely on a child to give their parent the invite themselves. Second, follow up sooner than the day before. That aside, we had a blast!  We rented a bouncy house, which I prayed that the weather would cooperate and it did for the most part. It was chilly but thank goodness no rain. We had 2 games: Pin the mustache on Mario and Mario Bingo. Both turned out successful and the kids loved it. We had pizza from a local pizza place called Mario's. I put together a candy bar with goodies themed around Super Mario Bros. All in all it was a wonderful birthday for Troy. 

                                                                     The Mario Party

                                                 This is the night of his actual birthday.

Its a Circus...

Recently the Circus came to town, The Cole Bros Circus to be exact. I remember as a child my parents taking me to Ringling Bros Circus and boy do I remember it being a big deal, at least  back in the 80's it was a big deal. I remember riding the big elephant, clowns(and not in a good way) and cotton candy. I remember being terrified of the clowns. 

So when I saw the flier come home from Troy's school I knew that we had to take the kids. I actually forgot that Chad had school that night so it ended up just being me wrangling all 3 but we went. Even though we live in a small town, I did not expect the turn out that it brought and I should have splurged for VIP tickets as that would have gotten us Center Ring. But I went economical and we had ok seats. It actually worked out in the end because we had the back row to which the boys could stand on their seats. Before we made it in for the show, I did just as my parents did with me and had the kids ride the big elephant out front. Chase was excited at first because he had no idea what was about to happen. Once faced with the gentle giant, he panicked like he always does and wanted me. But I sandwiched him behind Troy (who got to sit right up front) and in front of Emily. He had no choice. LOL!! He finally stopped crying after lap 1 of 2. We ate popcorn and drank soda and enjoyed the show.