Thursday, June 7, 2012

Face First

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I have been told that I should write a book about my life. My first initial response is no way, my life is too boring, who the heck would want to read about it. I am quickly reminded of all the trials and tribulations I have gone through and how facinating it is. But really in the back of my head I say that the things I have gone through are nothing compared to others who are less fortunate. I view writing a book as sort of a release. I have not properly dealt w/ a few things from my past and need to let go of them. I think about where I would start and what to include and I have gotten excited about it. Do I keep it true to character sort of an autobiography or do I make up characters? At any rate, its going to be a long journey that I am anxious but excited about.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Did I just really say that.....

So I was designated CFO for our family when Chad and I got married. I am not sure why but maybe it had something to do w/ my experience of working w/ my dad who is a CPA. I took over for my mom who was Office Manager/Secretary/Executive Asst or whatever else fancy word you want to call it. But she ran things in the office, assisted w/ my dad and put together tax returns. She also did the Company books. So when she had her bypass surgery in 1999 someone had to take her spot and my dad enlisted me. I was nervous but willing to take over the position. There wasn't much time for training or learning the ropes as my mom had her surgery in February and as most CPA's or Accounting people will tell you, thats in the middle of tax season... one of the worst times to have something like this happen. So I jumped right in and took over. I worked for my dad for 5 almost 6 happy years. I look back and truly miss working for him. :) But back to my story.

So w/ that experience, Chad designated me CFO and gave me control of our bills and all things financial. After all, he had been a bachelor for so long that now we were a "family" there isn't too much room for frivolous spending anymore. Buying swords on Ebay comes to mind as an example. Its a challenging job trying to juggle the bills and make sure there is enough for groceries, gas, misc spending, etc. But I do it. Some days I just want to hand over the ck book and say I'm done, you do it. But I don't. So alot of times, I will get an email in my inbox from Chad requesting to purchase an item. Usually these items are in the electronic family and a majority of the time there is a very good and reasonable explanation as to why we need and how this particular purchase will come in handy. I laugh every time I see these emails because I feel like the Accounts Payable dept and a request is waiting for approval from the boss, who in this case happens to be me as well. Sometimes there are phone calls but most of the time it comes in the form of an email.

While Chad was on deployment this last time, I received an email right around his birthday wanting to know if I had already purchased his birthday present. I knew what was going to be coming next. I responded w/ No but would be heading out soon to purchase it. His next reply was a request to purchase an Ipad w/ a very good explanation for why it would benefit our family. :) There were all sorts of apps to download... everything from cooking for me to educational for the kids. I will spare you all the other reasons other than to say that it would sort of take the place of a laptop that I have been wanting to get for a while. I mean he really had me sold. But I hesitated w/ my response as I knew how expensive these things are. I really didn't want to authorize this kind of purchase as we could have used the money for other things but I caved. After all, he really had me sold on it and he's cute! ;)

So I reluctantly authorized the purchase. Unfortunately I had to wait for him to return from deployment before I would get to use the darn thing. So when I finally got the chance I must say that it has been a wonderful investment! Oh my! Did I just really say that??!! I am actually glad he talked me into this Ipad. I have been able to view recipes in the kitchen while I cook. Troy has this Cars 2 app downloaded that he loves! We can even Skype and facebook on it. Pfsh....As if I have time for all that. LOL! So occasionally I guess there is room for frivolous spending.... as long as it benefits the family. ;)

Until next time.....

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The List

Over the weekend I watched a movie called "I don't know how she does it". As I sat and watched it (or my attempt to watch it really, having the 2 boys run around and constantly needing something makes watching movies during the day very difficult) I realized how similar I am to the character SJP is playing in the movie. Its about this corporate working mother who struggles to climb the corporate ladder while still being the super mom/wife at home. The defining moment for me in the movie is when SJP's character is awake in the middle of the night and making "the list". I couldn't believe how spot on that was w/ me. I lie awake most nights, most of the time w/ my eyes closed, going through "my list".... cut ck to Ortho, pick up more milk, get birthday present for Troy's friend, make cupcakes for preschool valentines party, etc, etc, etc. This list goes on and on....Even down to plucking my eyebrows and hugging Chad. Its ridiculous the mins/hours of sleep I lose going through my list which I pay for in the mornings needing 2 cups of coffee now. Maybe its the Virgo in me that makes me do this.... but I find that having this list keeps me organized and feeling "with it". So I have comprised a list (with Chad's help), more of a wish list, for things that we need or want and hopefully in the coming year/years (as some items are going to take a while to save for) we can scratch them off "the list". As my goal is to pay for these out right and not w/ a credit card. Which is a whole other blog.... credit card debt.... but I won't go there. *sigh* So on w/ my list:

Computer desk
Filing cabinet
Flat Screen Wall Mount
Hall Tree/Bench/Hooks/Mirror
Truck Tires
Bunk Beds
Master Bedrm Suite
Garage fridge
New rug

My favorite is the addition of Tattoos by Chad. :) Priorities right. ;)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Florida Christmas

Christmas couldn't have been better.... we were a complete family again w/ Chad making it home from a very long 7 mos deployment just in time to celebrate Christmas. This year was our turn w/ the Garrison side in sunny Florida. So off we went on what should have been a 13 hour drive but w/ 3 kids of which one is a 1 year old... that 13 hours quickly turned into an exhausting 15 hours! But we made it and in 1 piece. We stayed w/ the Keltings (my sister and brother in law) in DeBary which is only 30 miles north of Orlando so we made several trips down to see my parents in Orlando. The kids had a blast playing w/ their cousins. We even made a day of Gemini Springs Park. Was a gorgeous day! We baked Christmas cookies w/ all the kids and just enjoyed family time together. You definitely know you are in Florida for Christmas when you are able to wear shorts on Christmas morning. There is nothing else like it. :) Christmas day came way too fast and before we knew it we were back in the sardine can known as the truck, loaded down w/ all our Christmas treasures and on our way back home. This time it took 16 hours! We were all ready to be out of the truck and not confined to such a small area for that long. I mean, I love my kids and all but 16 hours confined in a Nissan Armada and I was ready for a vacation from my vacation. Which is coming soon when Chad and I go on our Carribean Cruise in April. Can't come fast enough. But the Christmas decorations are all down and the house is back to normal. Until our next adventure.......

We are complete..... Again!

After a long 7 months, Daddy finally made it back home! Thank you God for keeping him safe and bringing him back home to us!!