Sunday, July 26, 2009

Kangaroo Jacs

Hi Daddy!!

I wanted to tell you all about my day yesterday. Mommy and me went to this place called Kangaroo Jacs. Its this really big place w/ lots of bounce houses!!! Really, really big ones too!! Tina and the girls came too and I bounced around w/ Christina & Michaela. It was sooo much fun daddy!! I only wanted to go in this one bounce house though because the other ones looked a little scary. I kept hearing kids scream when they went down it and it made me nervous. But mommy showed me this one that had a really big slide. After i got my courage up, i climbed the stairs w/ mommy & the girls and slide down w/ them. It was sooo much fun that i wanted to do it again and again!! I even went down by myself!!!!! After Kangaroo Jacs mommy took me to McDonalds and we had lunch w/ Ms. Tina and the girls. I didn't really eat but boy was i thirsty. After McDonalds we went over to their house and played for a little bit, then it was my nap time so mommy had to drive me home. I had such a fun day yesterday!! I hope i can go back someday. Maybe you can come too!! I would love to bounce around w/ you daddy!!

Also, mommy has been teaching me to go pee-pee on the potty. She even took me to the store and bought me a special big-boy potty. It even makes a magical sound when i go pee-pee in it to let me know that i have gone. Its been kind of frustrating though because I want to be a big boy and sometimes i know when i have to go potty but sometimes i get so busy playing that i forget and i end up going in my big boy underwares. Mommy gets super excited when i go on the potty. She squeals and jumps around and claps her hands and gives me big hugs and high fives. She has a chart for me to put cool stickers on too. She even gives me a lolipop after i go. I like lolipops! I will try my best daddy to go pee-pee on the potty... just for you daddy!!

Its almost my bed time. I miss you daddy!! I love you too! Good nite, sweet dreams, sleep tight & don't let the bed bugs bite!


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Surf & Sand....

Hey Daddy!!

I had an exciting day today.... mommy took me to the beach. We played in the sand and splashed in the water. Mommy even built a sand castle for me but she accidentally built it on a crab's house. I don't think the crab was happy about that, it kept going in his hole and bringing out sand that mommy had accidentally covered it with. After that I played w/ some other kids. They were building a sand mountain. I was helping w/ my shovel. Mommy packed us some lunch and we ate on the beach. After lunch we played in the water more and I found some more kids to play w/. Soon it was time to leave and come home. Mommy said it was my nap time. Mommy brought the camera and took some pictures.... so here they are. I wish you could have been there daddy. I am really starting to like the beach and the water and waves. Maybe when you get back we can make a special trip to the beach.

Well its almost dinner time daddy. I miss you and love you!!! Be safe!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Park

Hey Daddy!! Mommy took me to the park today and I wanted to show you a few things that I can do now. I know how to walk across the bridge now w/out holding on. I also know how to climb up the slide. That makes mommy really nervous and she tries to help me but I tell her not to. I am a big boy and can do it all by myself. I can even walk up the slide while holding my ball. I know, I better be careful. :) I can also hang from the bar above the little slide. Its fun and mommy says I look like a monkey when I do it.

Tonight is movie night. I am not sure what mommy has picked out but I am sure it will be a good movie. She said that we can have popcorn too! I like popcorn.

I hope you are having fun on the big ship. I miss you and love you!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Swimming Champ!!

Hi Daddy!!!

I haven't posted on here in a while because I have been so busy w/ mommy. Tomorrow is my last day of swimming lessons and I am a Swimming Champ.... well sort of. :) Mommy finally convinced me that the water was ok and fun to be in. After a couple of days adjusting I am now able to kick my feet and blow bubbles in the water. Mommy lets me practice in the bathtub at night and in the baby pool out back. I am getting pretty good at it. I will ask mommy to take some pictures of me tomorrow. There aren't too many people there that can but I will see since its my last day. Mommy said that she can sign me up again when you get home so maybe you can come to those classes.

Mommy said we might go to the beach on Friday depending on the weather. She said that we are going to go see Nana & Pops soon. I am excited about that! She said that we will get to see Christopher and Kenna and go swimming in their pool. Maybe I can show off my skills that I learned.

Mommy says its my bedtime so I have to go. Have sweet dreams, sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite. I miss you daddy!!! I love you too!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

1 - 2 - 3....Jump!

Hi Daddy!!

Today mommy and me went to my swimming lessons. I am slowly getting use to it. Today I practiced reaching for the edge, blowing bubbles in the water and jumping off the side of the pool. Mommy counts 1-2-3 -Jump... and i jump in. Its fun and I like it. Mommy showed me how to blow bubbles in the water by blowing on this disk thing that flips over but i don't like getting my face wet so i just let mommy keep doing it. After swimming mommy and me went to the post office and mailed you another package. Its for your birthday! Mommy got a card and let me color on it for you. I hope you like it! Mommy put some other goodies in there too.

Well... mommy says that its nite-nite time. So i have to go daddy. I love you and miss you so much! Have sweet dreams, sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite. MUAH!


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

~ Just Keep Swimming ~

HI Daddy!!!! Mommy and me had swim lessons yesterday. I did not like it.... not one little bit! It was cloudy and rainy and the water was cold. There are 4 other kids in my class. 2 of them are little babies. The other 2 are big boys like me. We started off sitting on the side of the pool. We sang a song about kicking our feet and hands and then it was time to jump in the water. Mommy jumped in first and i did not like that she was in the water. I knew what was going to happen next so i tried to make my get-away but mommy snatched me right up and in I went!!!! She tried to cheer me up w/ toys and singing but it didn't help. We sang another song while bouncing in a circle. Then it was time to go on my belly.... mommy first had to get my death grip off of her, which she succeeded..... that mommy sure is strong. :) I cried some more. We sang the pancake song and had to flip over to our back.... i was a little better on my back but i still wanted mommy to hold me. After that Ms. Erica decided that since we all were looking a little blue it was time to end the class. So she said that if we jumped in off the edge that we were done and could get out. I didn't like that idea but mommy did it anyways. I was sooo happy when class was over. I was sooo cold! Mommy had a snack for me and some juice when we were done. Later mommy and me went over to Ms. Tina's house so that i could play w/ Christina & Michaela. I was Christina's birthday party. We played a little and then it was cake time. I ate a whole piece of cake all by myself daddy!!!! Christina opened her gifts and then we played outside just a little bit longer. Ms. Dee was over too w/ her boys. I like Robbie and Hunter... they are fun to play w/.

Today is swim lessons again. I don't know if mommy is taking pictures because she is in the water w/ me. So i will just put a picture of my favorite character that can swim.... Dori! Mommy kept telling me yesterday to: "Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming". That mommy sure is silly sometimes! Well its time to eat some breakfast before we go. I miss you and love you daddy!!!!


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Independence Day

Happy Independence Day Daddy!!! I wish you could have been here to celebrate w/ us. We had so much fun!! Mommy and me went to Ms. Tina's camper and hung out w/ the girls. First we went to the pool. They have a kiddie pool like at Grammy's camper so I was running in and out of that. Then there was this other kind of pool that had little fountains that had water shooting up. There was this tall tower thing that had different colored buckets on top that would fill w/ water and then when they got full they would dump down on the kids below. I was a little scared of that but I liked watching the kids get splashed on. It was funny! There was a turtle that squirted water out its mouth. After the pool it was lunch time and nap time. Mommy was sooo happy and said that I was a good boy for taking a nap even though there was a lot going on. After nap time we got up and guess what I did??? I went on a paddle boat w/ Mommy, Ms. Tina & Michaela!!! Mommy said that I had to wear a life jacket since I don't know how to swim yet and we all climbed into this boat and took off. We went around this little pond and then through a tunnel. It was fun!!!! Then guess what else I did??? I played mini golf!!! Yep.... mommy says that I am the next Tiger Woods... whoever he is?? After mini golf we went back to the pool because we were all so hot and sweaty. We splashed around in the pool. Mommy found this water slide and slide down w/ me..... I didn't like it too much but I was glad that mommy came w/ me. Then it was time for dinner. Mommy made me a corn dog, which I only at the bun part because I was too excited for what was next.... FIREWORKS!!! They had pretty fireworks daddy! And they didn't even scare me. I thought they were pretty cool!! Mommy said that even though you weren't here celebrating w/ us - that you were on the big ship celebrating and doing your job to protect us back here so we can continue to celebrate the 4th of July! I miss you and love you daddy.... thank you for protecting me and mommy!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Red - White - Blue

Helpin Mommy put flags out for July 4th!!