Thursday, April 10, 2014


Troy turned 7 back in March. We did a minecraft birthday for him. It will probably be the last home birthday we do for a while. It was a lot of work and clean up. He had a blast which is most important. We had to do a quick switcheroo with the date for weather purposes but it all worked out. 

Mine craft spider

Living room decorations

Food table

Creeper face chad did with paper plates

Creeper toss game we played

Making minecraft perler bead key chains. That was a huge hit with most the boys. 

40ft obstacle course

The birthday boy

My amateur version of a creeper face cake. It tasted good and that's all that matters

Minecraft treat table

Playing with Steve and creeper heads

Mommy and birthday boy! 


17 years ago I was just a baby myself some would say. Senior in high school with the world at my finger tips. Most of my friends were deciding on whether they wanted to go to this college or that college. Some where even contemplating the military. Most were elbow deep in college applications and Prom dress shopping. I on the otherhand had other decisions to make.... Like did I want a Winnie the Pooh nursery set or a Precious Memories one. Mom was not a title I thought I would have at 18 but it's one I got on April 6,1997. She was 6 weeks early and 5 lbs/8 oz when she graced us with her presence on that Sunday afternoon. It was a long labor that had started on a Friday. Her first year of life was filled with a couple hospital visits for RSV and respiratory MRSA and chicken pox by the time she was 9 mos old. And the years to follow have been happy and stressful all together. She has taught me a lot about what being a mother is. I just hope one day she understands the choices I've made and why I did what I did to make us happy. Happy 17th Emily Caitlin!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Life according to our Ipad:

Our 6 foot snowman from the almost 6 inches of snow we got in February, 2014. Rare occurrence in these parts.

My first grader- Troy- Fall 2013

My Sophmore - Emily- fall 2013

The all important "selfie". Of which there are a billion with the same facial expression

And the 3 yo can't be left out of a selfie shot. This time a thermal selfie.

Remembering my great aunt Frances who passed away. Feb 2014. She was 98 years young! 

Baseball season has started. Our game line up

Found this cutie passed out on our bed like this