Saturday, October 8, 2011

Face First

The Big 1

The Finogle household just celebrated a very important day.... Chase's 1st birthday. We celebrated his special day w/ pizza for dinner and cupcakes. I wanted to test the waters to see if he would give us a good show for his birthday by digging in the cupcake and boy did he go to town! At first it was slow and I kept wondering if maybe he just isn't one of those that likes to get messy or likes sweets. But he eventually proved me wrong and actually got upset when I finally took the cupcake away for fear of him getting sick to his stomach and vomiting.

So we then traveled to PA to celebrate w/ Chad's side of the family. We had a party at my SIL's w/ tons of food and a ginormous cake. The theme was sailboats and no expense was spared. I went all out for this kid... after all you only turn 1 - once! There was one thing lacking..... and that would be daddy. I struggled w/ whether or not I wanted to do a big party for Chase due to Chad being deployed but I really started to feel bad and flashed forward 20 years and didn't want to have to answer to a 20 year old young man as to why there were no photos of him on his 1st birthday. So I sucked it up and we pulled one off. But we certainly had daddy in our thoughts the entire day. After stuffing our faces w/ Grammy's yummy bbq and macaroni salad and baked beans it was finally time for cake. Once again, Chase took his sweet time w/ digging in but he eventually got the hang of it. Once he decided he was done he actually went to push the cake away so Aunt Shelby picked it up and offered one more bite to which he did not object to and went face first right into the cake. It. Was. AWESOME! And I am so glad I had the camera going. :)

We had a great time and I am so glad that I pushed the depressed feelings I had away about Chad not being there away and celebrated a milestone... The Big 1!