Monday, February 16, 2015

Random 2

I have been stalking my doTerra friends for a while and have finally decided to dive into the Essential Oil (EO) world. I have started my collection with the family physician kit and have slowly added an oil or two each month. I was pleasantly surprised that the lavendar and peppermint actually got rid of a headache that was starting with and I used peppermint to bring down a fever troy had. And I started using the melaluca and oregano on these two warts that Troy has on his knee. It started getting smaller after a week of use but then I forgot to put it on a few nights and have since stopped. And repeat application is key to this stuff. Sometimes it calls to reapply every half hour. I am excited to see where these oils take me. I guess I am an oil junkie now. 

In other news.... Troy had his Pinewood Derby with Cub Scouts. He went with a Steve from Minecraft theme. Didnt do so well but he had fun regardless

My sous chef......

 This one making my homemade Valentine's candy. This years request was chocolate pecan turtles. He pulled it off and they were delicious!!  I love this man!!

Em had her first winter guard competition on Valentine's Day. They placed 5th out of 6th in their title. She had fun. 

Out with the old and in with the new.... got a new hair cut for the new year. (disregard the quality of my photo- ive dropped my phone one too many times and I think the camera has taken the brunt of the abuse).  Im pretty sure there was 10 inches cut off. Wish I could donate it to locks of love but they dont accept color treated hair. Which ive had color treated hair since i was 14. But i needed a change and needed to get dead ends off. Decided to go darker too. Once it warms up Ill put in some hilights again.



Todays weather is pretty crappy out so the boys have decided to do puzzles. I dont have the patience for that.