Sunday, September 4, 2011

Double Digits

We are over the half way mark of this deployment w/ Chad and finally in the double digits. We couldn't be happier!! This deployment has been different in so many ways. Troy is older and is missing daddy more this time. The things I often hear from him are:

"I wish daddy was here."
"Where is daddy at now?"
"Daddy will fix that for you mommy."
"Daddy would like this."
"Mommy, I miss daddy."
"Mommy, when does daddy come home again"

It makes my heart break to hear these things, but I remind him that this is daddy's job and that he has to help people all around the world. But somehow little 4 year olds just don't understand that.

When Chad left Chase was just sitting up and had just started solid foods. He now is crawling, standing, walking w/ assistance, eating some table food and you can often hear him saying:

"uh oh"

Every day is a reminder of just how fast time flies and how quickly our children grow up. We all miss Chad and homecoming can't come soon enough!!

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