Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was this past Sunday and was by far one of the better ones. It's nice to have a hubby home to guide the kids. Without him I've had some crumby Mother's Day as the kids have completely forgotten. 

So this year was nice in that I got breakfast in bed!! Pancakes, sausage, watermelon and my green tea. And I can't forget the 2 sprigs of spinach as decoration! Ha! It was cute seeing Troy walk in and hand me the plate. Then followed my gifts. Boy was I pampered this year! Chad helped the kids pick out this beautiful necklace with the kids first initial, which I ended up getting on Monday due to the mail. But kids had me open up a pair of books: "Let Me Tell You Something" by Caroline Manzo and "The Best of Me" by Nicholas Sparks. I also got a pajama set and some of my Clinique skin care products I was running low on. The cards each of the kids gave were quite fitting for how each of them are. 

I was further instructed to relax and let them handle things today. That was probably the best gift ever. It allowed me to actually read a book almost cover to cover which I don't ever get a chance to do. Which I read Caroline's book and recommend for a good uplifting read. She is very encouraging when it comes to advice for Mothers. 

I called my mom later that morning and we enjoyed a nice chat. She was going to my sisters later for a Mother's Day lunch. That's what sucks about being married to the military; is often you are separated from family for these little holidays. Thankfully we have the technology we have and can Skype and FaceTime to stay in touch when there is distance between us. 

So now it's on to see what we can do special for daddy. :)

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