Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Mini update

Chase's doc appt this week got cancelled and moved to next Tuesday. His previous bruises on his spine a week ago have gone away. But on Friday I noticed two red bruises/marks on his spine and captured a photo incase it turned into the purple bruises we always see. And it's always in the same area. 
I'm sorry for the bad lighting. Drew an arrow to the area. It never did turn purple. 

I still feel the lymph nodes in his neck. I feel one on his collar bone area and I'm going to mention it to the doc on Tuesday. I had a comforting convo with a cousin of Chads who is a PA. She explained a lot after looking at chases blood work and photos I had sent her. She basically said kids are walking Petri dishes and always fighting something causing lymph nodes to be inflamed. She said the bruising could be from him brushing something and since it's already a soft sensitive area it just bruises more easily. But said to definitely keep with the Appts. She said his blood work looked pristine for a 4 yo and saw no indicator for cancer. It was relieving talking to her. I'll post another update on Tuesday. 

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