Monday, June 27, 2016

The day before...

The day before the appt in Greenville. Asked chase my usual morning questions: how did u sleep? Fine is the answer. Do u have a headache? No is the answer.  Did u have any numbness..... And so far our last episode was that Thursday morning. But today he answered with a hesitant yes. I asked him why he didn't want come wake me? He said that he just didn't want to and didn't want to upset me. I reminded him of how important it was to let me know because I'm documenting for the doc appt. I then went thru my usual battery of questions: was it just ur face! No. Show me where u went numb. Points all down his left side of body this time. I ask if he can smile, which he gives me one of his goofy smiles. I ask if he is still numb. He says he is tingly mainly along his jaw line and cheek. I asked if he had a hard time breathing like last time and he said yes. I asked if he had drooled a lot this time and he said yes. Checked for fever and normal - 98.0. I asked about when did it happen, after mommy put u to bed, middle of night, or just before u got up? He said middle of the night. I'm not really sure what to think. I did not take him to ER like doc said because our appt is tomorrow and he seems to be fine and acting normal now. 

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