Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Florida Christmas

Christmas couldn't have been better.... we were a complete family again w/ Chad making it home from a very long 7 mos deployment just in time to celebrate Christmas. This year was our turn w/ the Garrison side in sunny Florida. So off we went on what should have been a 13 hour drive but w/ 3 kids of which one is a 1 year old... that 13 hours quickly turned into an exhausting 15 hours! But we made it and in 1 piece. We stayed w/ the Keltings (my sister and brother in law) in DeBary which is only 30 miles north of Orlando so we made several trips down to see my parents in Orlando. The kids had a blast playing w/ their cousins. We even made a day of Gemini Springs Park. Was a gorgeous day! We baked Christmas cookies w/ all the kids and just enjoyed family time together. You definitely know you are in Florida for Christmas when you are able to wear shorts on Christmas morning. There is nothing else like it. :) Christmas day came way too fast and before we knew it we were back in the sardine can known as the truck, loaded down w/ all our Christmas treasures and on our way back home. This time it took 16 hours! We were all ready to be out of the truck and not confined to such a small area for that long. I mean, I love my kids and all but 16 hours confined in a Nissan Armada and I was ready for a vacation from my vacation. Which is coming soon when Chad and I go on our Carribean Cruise in April. Can't come fast enough. But the Christmas decorations are all down and the house is back to normal. Until our next adventure.......

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