Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The List

Over the weekend I watched a movie called "I don't know how she does it". As I sat and watched it (or my attempt to watch it really, having the 2 boys run around and constantly needing something makes watching movies during the day very difficult) I realized how similar I am to the character SJP is playing in the movie. Its about this corporate working mother who struggles to climb the corporate ladder while still being the super mom/wife at home. The defining moment for me in the movie is when SJP's character is awake in the middle of the night and making "the list". I couldn't believe how spot on that was w/ me. I lie awake most nights, most of the time w/ my eyes closed, going through "my list".... cut ck to Ortho, pick up more milk, get birthday present for Troy's friend, make cupcakes for preschool valentines party, etc, etc, etc. This list goes on and on....Even down to plucking my eyebrows and hugging Chad. Its ridiculous the mins/hours of sleep I lose going through my list which I pay for in the mornings needing 2 cups of coffee now. Maybe its the Virgo in me that makes me do this.... but I find that having this list keeps me organized and feeling "with it". So I have comprised a list (with Chad's help), more of a wish list, for things that we need or want and hopefully in the coming year/years (as some items are going to take a while to save for) we can scratch them off "the list". As my goal is to pay for these out right and not w/ a credit card. Which is a whole other blog.... credit card debt.... but I won't go there. *sigh* So on w/ my list:

Computer desk
Filing cabinet
Flat Screen Wall Mount
Hall Tree/Bench/Hooks/Mirror
Truck Tires
Bunk Beds
Master Bedrm Suite
Garage fridge
New rug

My favorite is the addition of Tattoos by Chad. :) Priorities right. ;)

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