Monday, March 11, 2013


I love our new house! As soon as I saw it I knew it would be perfect. There was of course a few slight issues with it.....the paint. I am not sure if the previous renters were color blind or if the original owners were, but the paint colors in some of the rooms were awful to say the least. One of the rooms even had its border attached with staples!

First on the list before we even moved in was Chase's room. Our property manager said the previous renters had a frog theme going on in there which explained the neon green color. I wanted to puke! Too crazy for my taste so I hit Walmart for paint color ideas and decided on a neutral color with Better Homes and Garden (BHG) called Creamy Pebbles.

So in the couple of weeks that Chad was here without us, he wood swing by and do a few to-do list things for me.

He also completed the kitchen/breakfast nook prior to us moving. It originally was a blue color. Not that anything is wrong with the color blue, it just wasn't what I wanted in there. I once again hit Walmart in search of colors and decided on another BHG color called Partridge Gray.

Unfortunately through out this process we have noticed that these walls do not like to accept the paint. We aren't sure if its the previous paint, current paint, dirt or what it is, but it is taking two some times three coats to get them covered. So in some of the rooms we are noticing slight mistakes were we were a little lite with coverage. Eventually we will get to fixing those.

Here are some before and afters.

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