Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Thing One and Thing Two

Continuing with our Dr. Seuss theme week at Troys school, Tuesday was Cat in the Hat day. The plan was to make red velvet cupcakes with vanilla frosting and blue cotton candy on top for the hair.
So off to gather supplies..... All ingredients had been located except for the cotton candy. Who knew that would be such a hot commodity in good ole Havelock. Walmart and Food Lion didn't even have any. CVS had pink and yellow. Finally the blue stuff was located at Rite Aid. So to error on the safe side I snatched up 4 buckets. I am sure the lady at the register was probably thinking I was some kind of cotton candy junkie trying to fulfill my fix so I felt the need to explain why I had 4 buckets. She had a look of yeah right lady when I finished.

Back at the house, I got busy working on the cupcakes. This time I was changing up the normal recipe for cupcakes and I added an extra egg (4 in all), milk instead of water, a stick of melted butter and a box of chocolate pudding mix. Boy, did they turn out decedent!

Frosting came next after cooling. But I had an eager guinne pig just waiting to get his hands on one to try. Luckily I had made one extra. :) The verdict from the judge came back with a big thumbs up.

Later after dinner I decided to put the cotton candy hair on. This is where things took a turn for the worse. When cotton candy gets wet or moist..... What happens to it????? Yep. (Smack self in forehead).

Wake up Tuesday morning to the cotton candy hair a melted sticky mess on top of the cupcakes. I mean it didn't look too bad. But my OCD / perfectionist self was ok with sending that in. Thank god my cotton candy junkie self bought 4 buckets. :)

So cracking into the 2nd bucket.... I wait till we are about to head out to the school and add some more hair. Would u believe by the time we arrived at the school ( all of 5 mins away) the hair had melted again?!?!!! Ugh! Whatever! They are just Kindergarteners anyways right? They won't care.

Well when Troy returned from school, the cupcakes were a big hit amongst his classmates. :)

Thursday is the next snack day for me. The book that day is again another book, I had never heard of.... Horton Hatches an Egg. My plan is rice crispy treat nests with some chocolate eggs in the center. We will see how those turn out.

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