Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pumpkin Patch....

Hi Daddy!

I miss you! I know its getting closer for when you come home. My chain is getting smaller and smaller. I love to rip off a link each night before i go to bed. Sometimes i forget and have 2 links to pull off the next day.

Mommy, me and C-C did something fun last weekend. We went to the pumpkin patch. Tina and the girls came w/ us too. It was rainy and little chilly but mommy bundled me up and we brought our umbrella. There was a hayride and bounce houses there too. We first did a petting farm. There was this REALLY big bunny daddy!! You wouldn't believe how big he was! There was also a baby goat that kept following me around. He probably thought i had food for him but i didn't. He was really cute though. There were also chickens and sheep. I even saw a kitty cat! Then we went in the bounce houses. I love bouncing around especially when C-C comes in w/ me. She really bounces me high!!! After the bounce houses mommy said that we could do the hayride. That was fun. It took us all around the field. I saw a choo-choo and horseys. There was some horseys in a barn sticking their heads out of their windows. After the hayride we checked out the pumpkins in the pumpkin patch. There were so many pumpkins... i just couldn't get them all! Then we found some REALLY big pumpkins. They were too big for me to lift so we left them there.

Mommy and me just went to the playground at the mall. She brought her camera w/ her. I had fun sliding down the whales tail and running through its belly. I played really nice w/ the other kids too. Mommy ran into a lady and her little girl that we met at my swim lessons this summer. She chatted w/ her for a bit while i played. Then it was time to go see the puppies!!!! I love puppies daddy! They are so cute! Maybe when you come home, we can get a puppy??? I saw small puppies and just 1 big puppy. Then there were rinkly puppies. They were trying to get me through the glass. Some of the puppies were sleeping and some were playing. Mommy said her tummy was grumbling so we went to go eat lunch. I really wasn't hungry and just wanted to get down and play. Mommy got a little frustrated and wrapped up my cheese burger and we came home. Now its time for me to take a nap. I really don't want to but mommy says i have to. We have a busy weekend coming up. Mommy, me and C-C are going camping w/ Tina and the girls. I am excited but mommy is nervous because its going to be chilly and rainy this weekend. I think we will have fun no matter what the weather is like.

Well... here comes mommy... its time for me to take my nap. I miss you and love you daddy! Bye-bye!

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