Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fall Fun Days....

Hey Daddy!!

I have to tell you about the cool thing that mommy, c-c & me did yesterday! We made Chocolate lolipops and decorated the house for Halloween. Mommy bought this special chocolate at the store w/ special colors for it. Mommy had to melt it in the microwave and stir in the colors that c-c and i wanted. C-C wanted red, orange & yellow. I wanted green. So after mommy mixed all the colors, she put them in little baggies. She also had cool sprinkles that we could add in. Mommy gave me my baggie and tried to squeeze the chocolate out but it was a little difficult for me so mommy helped. Then we added the sprinkles i wanted. Mommy gave me a lolipop stick to put in and then she had to put them in the fridge to cool down. C-C made special pumpkin looking lolipops. We had alot of fun. You know what the best part was daddy?? Eating the left over sprinkles. The black ones turned my mouth, lips and fingers black. That made mommy laugh. Mommy said it was time for me to take a nap. I wasn't too happy about that but she promised that if i took a really good nap that we would decorate the house. So after i woke up it was time to decorate for Halloween. Daddy? Did you know that mommy is a big scaredy-cat?? She is a big scaredy-cat of spiders!! She is so afraid that she made C-C go in the shed and drag the decorations out front. C-C was really brave and dragged it all the way out front. I didn't see what the big deal was. Oh well. Mommy got out some skeleton head lights and i helped her put them down the driveway. Then we got out our Frankenstein. C-C put up the bloody hands in the front window and put ghost stickers on the front door. Mommy also took some pumpkin buckets and put them over the porch lights. It looks really cool. Then mommy got some spider web stuff and hung it all over the brick outside. Then she hung this REALLY big black spider right by the door in the web. It looks really spooky. The only thing mommy didn't put up this year was the blowup pumpkins. She said that the stakes for it are out in the shed and she wasn't going back out there. So maybe next year.

Then today mommy took me and C-C to get our halloween costumes. Mommy found a little dracula costume for me and C-C decided she was going to be a vampire too. C-C put her costume on and mommy took a pic but i didn't want to put mine on. I want to show on Halloween what i look like. :)

Well, mommy says its my bed time. So i have to go for now. I wish you were home for halloween so you could go trick or treating w/ me. I know mommy will take lots of pics so you can see though. I miss you and love you daddy!

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