Monday, April 22, 2013


Troy turned 6 back on March 25 and we decided to do a Super Mario themed party. Thank God for Pinterest because that is where I got a lot of my ideas. I did learn a few things with planning for this party, one of which is to never rely on a child to give their parent the invite themselves. Second, follow up sooner than the day before. That aside, we had a blast!  We rented a bouncy house, which I prayed that the weather would cooperate and it did for the most part. It was chilly but thank goodness no rain. We had 2 games: Pin the mustache on Mario and Mario Bingo. Both turned out successful and the kids loved it. We had pizza from a local pizza place called Mario's. I put together a candy bar with goodies themed around Super Mario Bros. All in all it was a wonderful birthday for Troy. 

                                                                     The Mario Party

                                                 This is the night of his actual birthday.

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