Monday, April 22, 2013

Hair cuts and Lolipops

Chase or Squishy as we like to refer to him, is the baby of the family. We've attempted to get his hair cut several times. Finally on our 3rd trip we were able to get a pretty decent hair cut but it was still long as he wouldn't sit still long enough to get it short. So I left it go. I would trim his bangs when they would get in his eyes and have even contemplated putting his hair in a ponytail when we are outside and its hot. (Chad would kill me if he saw this). We occasionally would get the "oh she is so cute" or "how old is she" type of comments. Even if he was dressed in camo shorts and blue shirts.  It didn't bother me. I just brushed it off. This past weekend, Chad and I were at IHOP with the boys and the waitress was taking the drink order when she asked if "she" had anything to drink. That was it..... as far as daddy was concerned. The next day he took him off to the salon to get it cut into a cute big boy hair cut. And boy did they whack it off. It completely changed how he looks. Its not bad per say but just different. The funny thing is, because Chad took him, he of course was a perfect angel while in the chair. No fits, no crying, no whining. He was handed the iphone and away with the scissors the girl went. Afterwards of course he was rewarded with a lollipop as are all good (or bad) children are when they get their hair whacked off. No longer do I have a long haired surfer boy..... I now have a grown up little man. :)



                                                                           Side by Side

                                                                             The boys

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