Monday, April 29, 2013

Our Garden

Now that we are renting a home and not living in housing we decided to start up a garden again. It was kind of hard to do that in housing since our backyard was the size of jail cell. We had a nice garden when we bought our home in Florida when chad was on recruiting duty and we missed having one. Ill never forget that we had sunflowers in it that were taller than chad, all 6'2 of him!

Chad measured out how big we should have one and we both decided on what to put in it. I wish I had in progress pics of us ripping out the grass and him tilling it but I didn't.  Unfortunately I have had a time with tomatoes. I bought 3 plants a little too early and all 3 ended up dying. I bought 1 just in case we end up having some more cold spells and so far (knock on wood) it's surviving.

We have put in broccoli, head lettuce, green and red peppers, and the tomatoes. In containers we have jalapeƱos, carrots, and spinach. We also built a strawberry pyramid, thanks to the wonderful website Pinterest!  And we couldn't go without 2 blueberry bushes which were covered in blooms and now tons of little blueberries.

Now we just need to somehow keep the birds out of our hard work so we can enjoy the fruits of our labor!

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