Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Chef Troy

Hey Daddy!

I had such a fun day today. Guess what i got to do....... i got to cook w/ mommy! It was so much fun. First we started cooking dinner. Mommy said she was making this thing called Taco Soup. Mommy mixed a few ingredients together and she let me dump the cans of beans in this big pot. Then i got to dump the corn and tomatoes. She even let me stir it all together. She put the lid on the soup and said that it needed to cook for 5 hours. Then mommy said it was time to make dessert. She said that we were going to make Banana Cake. First we started measuring all the ingredients like the flour and sugar. Then we had to crack eggs. Mommy got a small bowl out and let me crack the egg on the counter and then she helped me drop it into the bowl. Then we had to mash up some bananas. She let me break apart the bananas into another bowl and let me use the masher to smash them all up. Mommy helped me of course. :) Then we had to mix it all together. Mommy has this loud thing she called a mixer and she let me hold it. She says that it helps stir things up fast. Once that was done, we dumped it into a pan and baked it. Mommy then fixed me lunch and said that i had to take a nite-nite. I wasn't too happy about that, but she said as soon as i got up that i could help put frosting on the cake. So i was ok w/ that. I slept for a long time today. Mommy was very happy that i took a nap. First thing we did when i got up was put frosting on the cake. First we had to smash up some pecans. Mommy had a baggie filled w/ them and showed me how to use this rolling pin to smash them all up. While i did that, mommy spread the creamy frosting on top of the cake. As soon as i smashed up all the pecans she let me sprinkle them on the frosting. Then it was clean up time. I helped mommy clean up all the dirty dishes that we made. She filled up a bowl w/ water and let me wash the measuring cups. Mommy said that we would eat the cake after we ate our dinner. Mommy fixed me Chi-chi nuggets for dinner because she said the Taco Soup was too spicy for me. I ate all my nuggets daddy!! Then it was dessert time. Mommy put a piece of cake on a plate for me and i tried it. Even though mommy and me had a good time making the cake and spent all that time making it pretty.... i really didn't like it. Mommy wasn't mad though. She knows how fussy i am w/ my food. Daddy, I had such a fun day w/ mommy today. I wonder what we will do tomorrow??

Well... its almost my bath time so i better go. I hope you have sweet dreams, sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite. I miss you daddy! I love you!

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