Thursday, September 17, 2009

Raisin Fingers

Hey daddy!! I am so glad that I got to talk to you the other day! I know sometimes I don't say much on the phone but I am listening. Sometimes I have so much to tell you that I just don't know where to start.

I was a really good boy going pee-pee on the potty today!! Mommy gave me lots of hugs and kisses for going. I put up some stickers on my potty chart too. I even went poop on the potty! Mommy gets really excited when I do that. I also discovered something really cool tonight after I took my bath. Mommy was getting me all ready for bed and had put my jammies on when I noticed something was different w/ my fingers. I held them up and kept turning them over. I wasn't sure if my fingers were ok or not but mommy assured me that they were just fine. See.... she told me that sometimes if I play too long during bath time that my fingers and toes get rinkly like raisins. I think that is the coolest thing. Mommy thought it was funny every time I said the word rinkly... sometimes I don't know about that mommy... she can be very silly.

Its time for me to go to bed now. So I need to get all my choo-choos and go nite-nite. I have a doctor appointment tomorrow to go to. The doctor has to make sure that my mouth is healing from when I fell and cut it. It feels fine to me but mommy says we have to go. I just hope they dont' have to give me any shots. Well daddy, good night, sleep tight & dont' let the bed bugs bite. I love you and miss you! Nite-nite!

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