Thursday, September 24, 2009

Chain Gang...

Hey Daddy!!

I wanted to tell you all about my day today. Mommy came up w/ a really cool idea for a countdown till you come home. Mommy bought special stickers and paper and she cut out little strips and let me and C-C decorate them. Then she glued them all together and put it on the wall so I can reach. She said that each night before I go to bed that I can rip a link off. And everytime I rip a link off means that we are getting closer to when you come home. I had so much fun making it. She wanted to take a picture of me and C-C w/ the chain around us but I didn't feel like it. I also painted a picture today. Mommy bought more paint at the store w/ more colors. That mommy has gotten pretty crafty lately. I think it has something to do w/ it being Fall. She says that she likes this time of year. She also bought this special chocolate and let me and C-C make Chocolate Lollipops. Mommy tried to make the chocolate a different color but used the wrong kind of food coloring and it didn't work out but they still tasted yummy!! She bought more chocolate and different kind of food coloring this time and says that we will try it again.

I have been such a good boy for mommy daddy! I am growing up so fast. I go pee-pee & poops on the potty and I wear big boy underwares at the house. Mommy still puts a pull up on me when we go places because sometimes I get so distracted w/ what we are doing that I forget to tell mommy when I have to go pee-pee. One day I will get it though.

I can't wait till you get home! Mommy says I have to go nite-nite now. So I hope you have sweet dreams, sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite! Love you!

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