Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Birthday Party...

Hey Daddy! I know its been a while since I have been on here but mommy and me have been so busy. We watched Tina's girls for her for a week. We drove to PA for Pop-pop, Aunt Linda and Cousin Sam's birthdays. There were alot of birthday cakes at the party. I had a good time. Then we came home for a couple of weeks. We went up to C-C's school to meet her teachers. It was a big school. I was telling mommy about all the cool things I saw like books & colors & numbers. Everyone thinks I am funny and cute when I do that.

Then we drove to Grammy & Pop-pops again for Great Grandmom's birthday. We went up to the camper to have her party. It was fun. I played w/ Austin, Kayla & C-C. There was a hayride that we went on w/ Aunt Subby, Uncle Danny, Kayla, Austin, C-C, Mommy & even Aunt Barb went w/ us. It was so cool. After the hayride we had cake. I shoved a whole piece in my mouth and made everyone laugh. Then the next day was mommy's birthday. I colored her a picture for her present and sang happy birthday to her. She didn't have cake like Great Grandmom did. Instead she had Blueberry Pie. I didn't like it so i didn't eat any. Then it was time to come home. Mommy said that C-C had to start school and we had alot to do to get her ready.

I saw you on the puter too!!!! Mommy was checkn her emails and all of a sudden i heard a voice that was very familiar to me..... YOURS!! I dropped my toys and ran over to mommy and sure enough... there you were on the screen. You were telling mommy something but i didn't understand it. I know it was something nice because mommy had a big smile on her face and she started to cry a little. But i think they were happy tears. But i was so excited to see you daddy!! I miss you! I can't wait for you to come home so we can play choo-choos & go swimming & you can read me books. I have to go now daddy. I love you!!

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