Saturday, May 23, 2009

Fun & Sun

Hey Daddy!! Today was such a fun day!! Mommy took us up to Grammy and Pop-Pop's camper. I ate pancakes for breakfast and they sure were yummy.... so much that i ate 5 whole pancakes!!!! They were a little smaller than what mommy makes but they were sooooo good!!!! Then I played w/ Kayla and her toys while we waited for Aunt Subby and Austin to come. After they got there, we went up to the pool. It was soooo crowded! Mommy brought my floaty toy but I didn't want to go in it. I splashed around w/ Kayla and the other kids and had such a good time. After we had a samich it was time to go back to the camper. I was a little tired so I laid down and took a little nap. Mommy finally got me up and I played in the field across from the camper w/ Emily. We threw a frisbee around and blew bubbles. It was fun! Pop-Pop even came up and guess what he rode up there..... your motorcycle!!! He looks so cool on it!! I think mommy is going to let us go back tomorrow and play at the pool again. I can't wait!!!!! I miss you daddy! Have sweet dreams, sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite!

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