Thursday, May 21, 2009

Splish Splash

Man.... mommy sure was busy today. See, we are going to Grammy and Pop-Pops house tomorrow and mommy has to make sure that the house is spic & span before we leave. She made me something new for breakfast this morning..... a bagel w/ cream cheese. I wasn't sure about it and turned my nose to it at first... but boy is that mommy persistant.... she finally convinced me to try it and MAN WAS IT GOOD!!!! After breakfast mommy got busy w/ her cleaning and I got to help. She let me take the dust pan and throw out the dirt. I spilled most of it on the way to the trash can though. Mommy just shook her head and swept up the dirt I spilled. Then she let me help mop. That wasn't as much fun as slipping and sliding on the floor AFTER she mopped. I don't think mommy liked it because I left little feet print all over the house. After that, mommy started to fix me lunch... Fish Stix today!! My favorite! During lunch we watched my favorite movie ever.... CARS!! After I finished all my lunch it was nite-nite time. When I got up, mommy and me splashed around in the pool in the backyard until sissy came home from school. Now I am playing w/ Thomas and making Choo-Choo sounds all through the house. I miss you daddy... I cant' wait for you to come home so you can splash w/ me in the pool! I love you! Nite, nite, Sleep tight & don't let the bed bugs bite.

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