Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hello Daddy!!

Hi Daddy! Its almost my bed time and I wanted to tell you thank you for calling me tonight. When you called I was getting all my books ready so mommy could read to me. I wanted her to read me the Nemo book that makes all the sounds. Sometimes I am shy on the phone but I will keep trying harder each time I to talk to you. Today was suppose to be Waffle Wednesday but I think mommy got the days mixed up because I had waffles yesterday. So today mommy fixed me a bowl of cereal. I had Apple Jacks. They are yummy! After breakfast I watched a little bit of cartoons while mommy was busy on the puter and making her list for the grocery store. Once she was done we headed off to get some groceries. I like going to the grocery store w/ mommy because she always gets the fun cart that has a car on it so I can sit and play. I pretend that I am Lighting McQueen from Cars and race around the store. Its fun! After the store, mommy made me a Jelly Samich and then it was nite-nite time. I really wasn't tired so I didn't sleep long. After nap I helped mommy clean up my toys. She let me have the mop and I pretended to mop the floor. I was not happy at dinner time tonight. Mommy made me a big kid plate for dinner with stuff her and sissy were eating but I wasn't too happy about that and refused to eat. I wanted to have cookies instead, but mommy said no. I didn't like that so she gave me a sippy of milk instead. Maybe I will try next time to eat a big kid dinner. Now its my bed time daddy. Have sweet dreams, sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite. I love you!

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