Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Waffle Wednesday

Hi Daddy!! Today is what mommy calls Waffle Wednesday. Every Wednesday Mommy makes me a waffle for breakfast. She makes a big deal about it and has this goofy song she sings in the morning as she makes me my waffles and I think she is funny. They were yummy and mommy took a picture of me eating them. After breakfast she took me on her errands to get a few more things for your box. We went in this store that had a bunch of tv's that made me say "OH WOW and COOL!!" After a couple more stops we finally made it to the post office and sent your box. I hope you like the things that mommy and me put in there. Once we got back home, mommy made me a Jelly Samich and then it was time for me to go nite-nite for a little bit. After my nap, Mommy and me went to the park. I went up and down the slide. Mommy pushed me in the swing and we chased after the birds in the field. Mommy can be very silly sometimes. I miss you daddy and can't wait for you to come home so you can push me in the swing. I love you! Good night, sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite.

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Troy said...

Mmm save me some waffles buddy. Don't forget to use your fork. Love and miss you too. -Daddy