Sunday, July 26, 2009

Kangaroo Jacs

Hi Daddy!!

I wanted to tell you all about my day yesterday. Mommy and me went to this place called Kangaroo Jacs. Its this really big place w/ lots of bounce houses!!! Really, really big ones too!! Tina and the girls came too and I bounced around w/ Christina & Michaela. It was sooo much fun daddy!! I only wanted to go in this one bounce house though because the other ones looked a little scary. I kept hearing kids scream when they went down it and it made me nervous. But mommy showed me this one that had a really big slide. After i got my courage up, i climbed the stairs w/ mommy & the girls and slide down w/ them. It was sooo much fun that i wanted to do it again and again!! I even went down by myself!!!!! After Kangaroo Jacs mommy took me to McDonalds and we had lunch w/ Ms. Tina and the girls. I didn't really eat but boy was i thirsty. After McDonalds we went over to their house and played for a little bit, then it was my nap time so mommy had to drive me home. I had such a fun day yesterday!! I hope i can go back someday. Maybe you can come too!! I would love to bounce around w/ you daddy!!

Also, mommy has been teaching me to go pee-pee on the potty. She even took me to the store and bought me a special big-boy potty. It even makes a magical sound when i go pee-pee in it to let me know that i have gone. Its been kind of frustrating though because I want to be a big boy and sometimes i know when i have to go potty but sometimes i get so busy playing that i forget and i end up going in my big boy underwares. Mommy gets super excited when i go on the potty. She squeals and jumps around and claps her hands and gives me big hugs and high fives. She has a chart for me to put cool stickers on too. She even gives me a lolipop after i go. I like lolipops! I will try my best daddy to go pee-pee on the potty... just for you daddy!!

Its almost my bed time. I miss you daddy!! I love you too! Good nite, sweet dreams, sleep tight & don't let the bed bugs bite!


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