Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Surf & Sand....

Hey Daddy!!

I had an exciting day today.... mommy took me to the beach. We played in the sand and splashed in the water. Mommy even built a sand castle for me but she accidentally built it on a crab's house. I don't think the crab was happy about that, it kept going in his hole and bringing out sand that mommy had accidentally covered it with. After that I played w/ some other kids. They were building a sand mountain. I was helping w/ my shovel. Mommy packed us some lunch and we ate on the beach. After lunch we played in the water more and I found some more kids to play w/. Soon it was time to leave and come home. Mommy said it was my nap time. Mommy brought the camera and took some pictures.... so here they are. I wish you could have been there daddy. I am really starting to like the beach and the water and waves. Maybe when you get back we can make a special trip to the beach.

Well its almost dinner time daddy. I miss you and love you!!! Be safe!!

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