Tuesday, July 7, 2009

~ Just Keep Swimming ~

HI Daddy!!!! Mommy and me had swim lessons yesterday. I did not like it.... not one little bit! It was cloudy and rainy and the water was cold. There are 4 other kids in my class. 2 of them are little babies. The other 2 are big boys like me. We started off sitting on the side of the pool. We sang a song about kicking our feet and hands and then it was time to jump in the water. Mommy jumped in first and i did not like that she was in the water. I knew what was going to happen next so i tried to make my get-away but mommy snatched me right up and in I went!!!! She tried to cheer me up w/ toys and singing but it didn't help. We sang another song while bouncing in a circle. Then it was time to go on my belly.... mommy first had to get my death grip off of her, which she succeeded..... that mommy sure is strong. :) I cried some more. We sang the pancake song and had to flip over to our back.... i was a little better on my back but i still wanted mommy to hold me. After that Ms. Erica decided that since we all were looking a little blue it was time to end the class. So she said that if we jumped in off the edge that we were done and could get out. I didn't like that idea but mommy did it anyways. I was sooo happy when class was over. I was sooo cold! Mommy had a snack for me and some juice when we were done. Later mommy and me went over to Ms. Tina's house so that i could play w/ Christina & Michaela. I was Christina's birthday party. We played a little and then it was cake time. I ate a whole piece of cake all by myself daddy!!!! Christina opened her gifts and then we played outside just a little bit longer. Ms. Dee was over too w/ her boys. I like Robbie and Hunter... they are fun to play w/.

Today is swim lessons again. I don't know if mommy is taking pictures because she is in the water w/ me. So i will just put a picture of my favorite character that can swim.... Dori! Mommy kept telling me yesterday to: "Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming". That mommy sure is silly sometimes! Well its time to eat some breakfast before we go. I miss you and love you daddy!!!!


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