Sunday, July 5, 2009

Independence Day

Happy Independence Day Daddy!!! I wish you could have been here to celebrate w/ us. We had so much fun!! Mommy and me went to Ms. Tina's camper and hung out w/ the girls. First we went to the pool. They have a kiddie pool like at Grammy's camper so I was running in and out of that. Then there was this other kind of pool that had little fountains that had water shooting up. There was this tall tower thing that had different colored buckets on top that would fill w/ water and then when they got full they would dump down on the kids below. I was a little scared of that but I liked watching the kids get splashed on. It was funny! There was a turtle that squirted water out its mouth. After the pool it was lunch time and nap time. Mommy was sooo happy and said that I was a good boy for taking a nap even though there was a lot going on. After nap time we got up and guess what I did??? I went on a paddle boat w/ Mommy, Ms. Tina & Michaela!!! Mommy said that I had to wear a life jacket since I don't know how to swim yet and we all climbed into this boat and took off. We went around this little pond and then through a tunnel. It was fun!!!! Then guess what else I did??? I played mini golf!!! Yep.... mommy says that I am the next Tiger Woods... whoever he is?? After mini golf we went back to the pool because we were all so hot and sweaty. We splashed around in the pool. Mommy found this water slide and slide down w/ me..... I didn't like it too much but I was glad that mommy came w/ me. Then it was time for dinner. Mommy made me a corn dog, which I only at the bun part because I was too excited for what was next.... FIREWORKS!!! They had pretty fireworks daddy! And they didn't even scare me. I thought they were pretty cool!! Mommy said that even though you weren't here celebrating w/ us - that you were on the big ship celebrating and doing your job to protect us back here so we can continue to celebrate the 4th of July! I miss you and love you daddy.... thank you for protecting me and mommy!!

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