Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Baseball Fun

Good Morning Daddy!! I wanted to tell you about my day yesterday. I went to Austin's T-ball game. I had fun playing in the grass w/ Sissy & K-K. We ran a race and played ring around the rosey. After the game mommy took me back to Grammy & Pop-pops house so her and sissy could go to a real baseball game. I think they had fun but i was asleep when they got home.

Today we are going to the library to read some books and then we are off to the camper to go swimming again! I like splashing in the water. We went yesterday and had alot of fun. It wasn't very crowded either.

Mommy says that its time to get ready, so i have to go for now. Do you miss me?? I miss you!! Mommy said that you had some pics to send, i hope i get to see you in them. Have a good day today on the big ship daddy!! I miss you and love you!!


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