Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Icy Treat

Hi Daddy! Mommy and me went to go see Pop-pop, Grammy & Great Aunt Gayle for a couple of days to cheer them up. Mommy said that they were sad because Great Uncle Bob died. I am not sure what that means but mommy said that she will explain it to me one day. Mommy was a little upset at me because i was running around alot at a place that i shouldn't have been running around but she wasn't mad for long. Mommy was pointing out all the relatives i have.... AND BOY THERE WAS ALOT!!! Too many for me to remember... so i will just stick w/ my K-K for now!

Tonight i had fish stix for dinner. I ate all of those but left my rice & asparagus on my plate. Mommy gave me a popsicle even though i didn't eat all my dinner. It was yummy and very messy.

Mommy says its bath time for me so i have to go. I miss you daddy & love you very much!!


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