Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tattle Time

Hi daddy!

I have to tattle on mommy, she made a big boo-boo last night. She got the clippers out and tried to trim my hair and it turned into a disaster. She was crying but laughing at the same time and all I wanted was the hair off of me because it was Titchy!! So today she is going to try and fix it and make me a cute boy again. I think she should leave the hair styling up to the professionals next time.

Today is Waffle Wednesday. I had 2 waffles this time and ate them all. Mommy has a busy day today. She said that we have to pack our clothes and go see Grammy & Pop-Pop. Mommy said that Pop-Pop is sad and we have to go make him happy. I can't wait to go because I like riding in the car. I get to eat snacks & watch movies!

Mommy showed me pictures of you on the big ship the other night. She said that you were having fun and busy working and missing me. I miss you too daddy! I can't wait for you to come home and play w/ me. I have to go now, mommy said its time to try and fix my hair and get the car loaded.

I love you and miss you daddy!!


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