Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I love you <3

Hi Daddy!

Mommy showed me pictures of you last night. She said that you were in a very special place and bought me and sissy some cool things. She also showed me on the map where you were. I hope you are safe daddy and I hope you are having fun. I just got done watching one of my favorite shows, The Backyardigins. Mommy and me had a fun day today. We took sissy to a doctor appt first and then afterwards I went to lunch w/ mommy. She had a meeting w/ some other ladies and I got to come along. Mommy said I was well behaved this time. Last time she went to lunch, I got bored and wanted to throw all my toys and I wanted to run around. This time mommy brought lots of things for me to do. She brought colors, toys, trucks, snacks, juice, games. Mommy said I was a very good boy. She was sooo happy and proud of me.

Me, Mommy & Sissy are going to go to Grammy's house in a couple of days. Mommy said that we are going to go camping and play in the pool. She even said she has a BIG surprise for me. She said that its Black & Blue and runs on a track and makes this sound: CHOO-CHOO. I can't wait to see what it is because Mommy sure is excited about it. :)

Mommy hasn't taken any new pics of me, so here is an old one until she does. Mommy says that its my bath time and then its Nite-Nite time. So Good nite daddy, have sweet dreams, sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite! I miss you daddy! I love you too!! I cant' wait for you to come home!!


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